Dedicated to the marine and freshwater ecosystems in my region of the world. I am the current Fisheries Critic for the BC Greens and will provide updated information on the collapse of the Fraser River salmon, while providing education to challenge our status quo.

***Also in-progress as you can see. Coming soon are Green Party policies, my pictures of fish and their friends. Here are a few links to other educational sites and articles***

Aquacalypse Now – End of Fish” by Daniel Pauly (Sept 28th)

 “Salmon returned to streams by knapsack and horseback” by Mark Hume (Oct 11th)


Go for a dip


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  1. Green Party of BC seeks answers to North Alouette River fish kill: Recommends Ministry takes responsibility for managing BC Rivers

    September 24, 2009, Victoria — Thousands of dead fish fry were found this spring in the North Alouette River. The Green Party of BC has learned that little will be done to find the cause of this unusual fish kill. “We only hope the provincial Environment Minister, Barry Penner is as concerned as we are. We would support him in launching a full inquiry,” said Green Party Leader, Jane Sterk.

    On September 8th, Sterk contacted the Minister regarding the incident with no response to-date.

    BC Greens worry about overlap in the river’s management. Because salmon-bearing streams are a federal matter, the Department of Fisheries is responsible, but only concerning sediment and silt problems, not pollution. That is left to Environment Canada. Neither has enough staff to investigate or to ensure that appropriate action is taken.

    We understand the challenges. However, we need leadership to protect our rivers at the provincial level,” said Sterk. “Washing our hands by passing it over to the DFO lacks vision and dedication to BC. We hope that the Minister will show leadership. If he does, we support his Ministry having the ability to investigate this and similar incidents across the province.”

    The North Alouette River is under pressure which threatens the health of the salmon population. Rather than protecting the river the Ministry of Environment has issued multiple water licenses, allowing farmers to use the water for agricultural purposes. Agriculture is critical to BC, but more licenses are pending despite evidence that water flow rates are already too low to support salmon. There is also evidence of water use violations with little or no enforcement.

    The BC Greens assume that Minister Penner understands there are cumulative environmental impacts on rivers. Overwhelming scientific evidence states that minimum flow rates must be maintained. This should take precedence over granting water licenses.” said Sterk. “We recommend that the BC Ministry of Environment has responsibility for protecting our rivers and to investigate the fish kill on the North Alouette.

    Simon Lindley, GPBC Media Chair

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