National Tree Day - thats me watering the pine trees!








Join the “Biodiversity tours of the Fraser River Delta” to celebrate September as ‘Biodiversity Month’, Michael Wolfe, the educational activist will lead these three eco-tours.
Tour 1) Boglands and Bog Forests

  Sept 1st, Tuesday 630-730pm 
  Richmond Nature Park is located at 11851 Westminster Highway
  Meet in the parking lot for a tour of the bog that remains in the city’s largest park. The flat trail is on boardwalk and mulch. No dogs allowed in this park.
  This is the first day of Biodiversity Month. (Aussie Page) (International Page)
Tour 2) Delta’s Bog Reserve

  Sept 13th Sunday 2-4pm
  The Delta Nature Reserve trails begin at Planet Ice which is in Delta, under the Alex Fraser Bridge at 10388 Nordel Court
  Meet in the parking lot at the East end of the arena for a walk into the only accessible part of Burns Bog. The trail is boardwalk, gravel, and mulch.
  This day also marks 2009 Sustainable House Day 
Tour 3) Lulu Island Bog Tour 

  September 20th Sunday 2-5pm
  Richmond Nature Park is located at 11851 Westminster Highway
  Meet in the parking lot for a tour through the Nature Park, then deep inside the largely unseen boglands that leads us to the Garden City Lands. This is the longest tour to date and will require minor bushwacking skills, boots, rain gear, water, and places to put garbage that we find.
  This day marks the 2009 National Neighbourhood Day and the ‘Clean up the World Weekend’ so be prepared to give back to our boglands.


Garden City Lands Coalition website:

Coalition blog:


“A good farm must be one where the native flora and fauna have lost acreage without losing their existence.” Aldo Leopold


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