My new page as the BC Greens Forestry Critic

***In the construction phase, but don’t worry I won’t cut any of our Old Growth to do this development***

The BC Greens would begin a program to help the forestry sector build a value-added manufacturing sector rather than relying on raw log export, but this would mean fundamental changes to forestry practices from an industrial model to an ecological one. We would invest in leading-edge Green technologies that could be exported. Most of all, we would re-open many of our mills and provide support for small businesses in these regions – the true job generating engines in recessionary times.

Cedar standing


One Response to “Forests”

  1. Forwarded from a Wilderness Committee announcement

    The BC Liberal government looks to Establish “Anti-Forest Protection Zones”, or Commercial Forest Reserves, without any Land Use Planning process

    The Wilderness Committee is preparing for a major battle with the BC Liberal government as they plan to establish new “anti-forest protection zones” on Crown lands, known as Commercial Forest Reserves, which would primarily obstruct the creation of new protected areas and where key environmental protections would be removed.

    In recent weeks Forest Minister Pat Bell has been increasingly promoting the government’s new proposal, which is similar to their previous, unpopular Working Forest Initiative, proposed in 2003 and killed by a major public outcry by 2004.

    Forest Minister Pat Bell wants to implement a major land-use change without any land-use planning process – or any public process for that matter.

    See the new Vancouver Sun article and forward it to your friends, at:

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