I believe that we have about 3000 days to move Richmond to a low carbon community. Looking at our per capita statistics, we Richmondites have an overdeveloped consumption muscle and an underdeveloped civic engagement muscle.

My position on Canadian issues:Polar Bail

The time to act on climate change initiatives is now. As we are about to lose the last of our Arctic ice shelves and the remaining oil reserves are being outdone by the global demand, we need to listen to scientists who have the made-in-Canada solutions.

Stopping the sellout of Canadian companies and the privitization of our resources. I would focus upon strengthening Canada’s weak Competition Act and encourage the buy back of many natural resource companies that have gone to foreign owners in recent years. The concern is that as companies are taken over, decision-making on future jobs and investment in Canada is transferred to offshore multinationals.

Busloads of federal cash are needed to expand public transit. More of the federal gasoline tax revenue should go towards public transit.

The government should cancel the funding for the Gateway project and provide no support for the the BC Liberals “Freeway to Asthma.”

I support a ban on both oil tankers and gas exploration on BC’s north coast.

Adhere to the “precautionary principle” because waiting for complete scientific proof can delay action to the point where the damage will become irreversible.


The Federal Government must lead and send consistent and credible signals to industry (e.g. by adopting legally binding phase‑out schedules) so that they have an incentive to develop new and cost‑effective alternative technologies.

I would ensure that improved scientific understanding can be incorporated quickly into decisions about the provisions of a treaty.

I would promote universal participation by recognizing the “common but differentiated responsibility” of developing and developed countries and ensuring the necessary financial and technological support to developing countries.

Canadian troops should act as peacekeepers rather then armed forces. Bring them home for re-deployment and to serve in our communities. We must make peace not war.

  • rededicate all military spending to meeting socio-economic needs
  • cut off all aid to military personnel in other countries
  • take the initiative to reform the United Nations so that there was
    no longer a Security Council, only a General Assembly
  • institute banking reform essentially creating a organization dedicated to meeting the needs of people through community
    betterment organizations
  • foster and facilitate a plan and implement community betterment
    economy, an economic democracy, based on the sovereignty of the village and neighborhood and based on the inculcated concept of inter-community, inter-regional and world unity and cooperation founded on the principles of inclusion, humanity, equity, quality of life, environmental/public health and wellness, sustainability, and peace
  • work to abolish nuclear power, but certainly would not insist that
    Iran abandon their plans until the United States set in motion their own plan to abandon the technology

Make poverty history at home and abroad. This is a growing problem in Richmond and as our MP I will demand urgent and meaningful policy change so that we meet minimum targets to reduce poverty, hunger, illiteracy, discrimination against women, and environmental degradation by 2015, according to our United Nation’s commitments.

I believe in a social, participatory democracy (like BC-STV) where we will ensure proportional representation and we have a better chance of electing leaders of our communities.

MPs need to be bold and speak out against failed policies like the war on terror and the war on drugs.

Our economy needs a radical shift if we are to be realistic about longterm sustainable goals. We need to begin a buy back of our sold companies that have suffered foreign takeover. I also believe that our tax system should be rewarding our workers and increasing the tax on foreign goods and those that pollute our Earth.


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