mayorquimbyI have many Big Ideas for Richmond. We must model sustainability to the rest of the world. Unfortunately we are completely UN-sustainable at this time.

In 2010 we must get to the following:

  • Urban sprawl is to be stopped now
  • No more removal of any arable, farmable land without the endorsement (permission) of an agricultural stakeholders group (that contains no business, financial or political interests)
  • Any land that is practical to grow food on, now begins to get put INTO the ALR.

Some of my key issuesGarden City Lands, Affordable Housing, Tree and soil preservation, Transparency at City Hall, Community services, Education programs, Public transportation, Lafarge’s pollution, Airport noise and expansion, Leadership on City Council (or lack there of).

What three things do you intend to do if elected?

·                    Model the behaviors I wish to see, such as teaching our youth (the leaders of today), year-round biking, 10 mile diet, and a zero-waste lifestyle.

·                    Personally visit all sites and judge the approval process for any rezoning proposal. Champion new regulations to discourage unsustainable industries.

·                    Always be available to the people of Richmond for meetings – for local lunch and local listening.

Zoning the GREEN FINGER, consisting of the Garden City Lands, DND Lands, and two Richmond Nature Park properties. They make up the remainder of the Greater Lulu Island Bog Ecosystem. The Garden City Lands would become an international site of wetland conservation and urban farming education.

Sustainable Housing which would include strict thresholds for reduction of carbon emissions, energy efficiency, decreased water consumption and the use of more sustainable (reused) materials in new buildings.

Protection of the Blundell Wetlands by preventing the construction of a jet fuel pipeline corridor (to be built to feed YVR’s demands) overtop of a pristine wildlife habitat. There has also been discussion of industrial zoning to allow for a potential landfill site. It is hard to imagine after being a witness to these lands, but with the current city council it is more of a reality with time. *Sigh*

To put my personal stamp of approval for all tree removals that occur through the permit process. For those property owners who remove trees illegally or dump waste on ALR properties, I will visit each site to ensure that cooperative solutions are met to enhance the environment = better then before the infraction.

A strict ban on the cosmetic use of pesticides – province wide, then begin phasing out the use of pesticides in our watersheds, forest, and foodlands.

Ending the push at City Hall for more freeways, port expansion, and airport expansion. Instead work to fill the walkability gaps with more bike lanes and increased pressure for public transit to service the rural parts of the islands (Lulu and Sea Islands).

Integrating community consultation into the planning process (before decisions are made, such as the Olympic Oval.)

Estabilishing an apolitical Development Permit Panel.

Building the financial foundations of a ALR Property Endowment Fund and strengthen the protection of all existing ALR land and seek to expand the public ownership of farmland.

Protection of all remaining historic buildings and I will personally work closely with the neighbours of new development projects so that ‘re-developing’ goes on with approval and constant input from them.

I campaigned for the BC-STV, which calls for support of the electoral reform recommendation of the Citizens Assembly. We need proportional representation at all levels of government for fair elections and cooperative politics.

As I teach our children, I will role model the behavior I wish to see in our city. Bike to and from city hall, follow the 10 mile diet, perform a zero-waste lifestyle, regularly visit our schools to ensure I remain respective of interests from the youth of today, and be available to the people of Richmond for meetings everyday of the year.

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