Welcome to my 2009 campaign blog, a place where I will address provincial policies as the previous candidate for the BC Greens in Richmond Centre, the riding that recieved the lowest voter turnout in the province = 36.8% of eligible voters.

Unofficially I recieved 7.11% of the vote, with 1,137 votes to put me in third place behind the NDP’s Kam Brar, and MLA-Elect Rob Howard from the BC Liberals.

I have been fortunate enough to be appointed as a regional representative, so send my Green email to delta_richmond@greenparty.bc.ca and please call me on my campaign cell 778-887-9341.

My endorsements came from the Farmland Defence League of BC and from the Georgia Straight – I am on the Straight Slate for Progressive Change. Also the BC Greens have identified me as the spokesperson for Fisheries and Forestry (Shadow Cabinet Honors).

Here are links for the Green Party’s  Platform  and  10 Green Principles

Moving towards a more equitable form of policy planning, I will continue to listen and learn from the people of Richmond as I do with the students that I teach in our public schools. BC-STV was our chance for fair elections and cooperative politics, maybe if there is a next time.

Donations? Please send financial support to the Green Party of BC, Yes for BC-STV campaign, local foodbanks, emergency shelters, and your community environmental groups.

Hazelnut   Vote WOLFE for our voice and conscience in Victoria.


2 Responses to “BC Election”

  1. Sustainability is being as local as we can be

    By Michael Wolfe

    If I were to be elected to represent the people of Richmond Centre it would be a top priority of mine to provide leadership on sustainability. I would provide leading influence as the first Green party candidate elected in B.C. and in Canada.

    Here in my lifelong community I have become recognized as one of the 30 most interesting people under the age of 30 for my dedication as a public school teacher and political activist. I have run in five elections at all levels of government and will benefit the people of British Columbia as the communicator between them, providing an example for other MLAs to follow.

    A vote for Wolfe will bring a longterm vision for Richmond, one that has our community representing Canada on the international stage as a multicultural community that is ready to initiate positive change for our future, the children of Richmond.

    I will advocate for reduced tuition fees, promotion of public schools and public health care, increased accessibility to universal quality child care, and early education programs. As all B.C. Greens, we will focus on whole and healthy families.

    As the B.C. Greens spokesperson for Forestry and Fisheries, voters would benefit by having a MLA, trained in biology with a focus on conservation of resources, the only means we have to adding value to our forests and preventing our salmon from a human induced extinction event.

    I am an urban farmer who understands the connections between our food, human health, and environmental health. Meanwhile I have adopted park space, planted public school gardens, and offer monthly eco-tours of our Garden City Lands where I educate people, by showing them our locally indigenous plants, animals, and fungi. The ALR must be strengthened to preserve Richmond’s fertile farmland and I will work diligently to cancel the Gateway program.

    As your MLA, I will serve as transparent as possible, insuring that I am available to the public for local lunch and local listening. I will model the behaviours that I wish to see, such as year-round biking to and from Victoria, following a 10-mile diet, and practicing a zero waste lifestyle. Please join me in supporting BC-STV for fair elections and cooperative politics.

    Wolfe is my name and sustainability is my game. I am in this for the longterm, living as if I wanted to stay, and inspiring others to challenge the status quo by going beyond the business as usual approach to politics, it is time to go Green.

    Michael Wolfe is the B.C. Green candidate for Richmond Centre.

  2. Budget Ends government’s Commitment to Green Economy
    September 8, 2009

    Vancouver, BC –– With most governments around the globe embracing stimulus initiatives that promote efficiency incentives, the BC government has done the opposite by relegating the province to archaic fiscal management in regards to converting the BC economy.

    “There are few regions of the world that have the vast potential to convert their economy to a green one,“ states Jane Sterk, leader of the Green Party of BC. “British Columbia has that advantage, and yet instead we witness a slashing of $46 million from the Ministry of Environment, the cancelling of efficiency incentives, an astounding $3 billion in oil and gas tax subsidies from 2008 to 2010, and tax breaks for old energy consumption. This approach lacks ingenuity and traps us on a business as usual path.”

    Sterk explains the skewed math, “How can we justify reductions in a necessary investment, a pittance of a cut in relation to the monstrous tax subsidies to a profit-based industry. These large companies are resilient, and will be fine. I doubt any would pack up and leave town with the rich resources available to them in BC. The public doesn’t need to fund this. End these subsidies, and we could fund every program the government cut.”

    Rather than emerging from this economic crisis a leader in efficiency and green technology, the Green Party of BC predicts that if such unproductive budgets continue, BC will be left far behind in economic leadership and forced in the future to become nothing more than a net buyer rather than supplier of new technologies, the growth going to emerging green powerhouses like the US and Europe.

    “Business gets it. People get it. But both the premier and the opposition fail to understand what dozens of governments are scrambling to embrace. Waste is unproductive. Using public funds to finance corporate fossil fuel is folly, and cancelling initiatives and incentives for green technology investment, failing to break our oil dependence and refusing to reduce our carbon output is destructive and detrimental to the overall economy.”

    Direct investment into Germany’s budding solar thermal technology is expected to exceed 12 billion Euros by 2012. Wind power is leading the world as the fastest growing energy production industry. Micro grids, geothermal and self-sufficient energy production are some of the most promising industrial sectors in the next decade, and green technology is estimated to be the fastest growing industry in the US over the next 5 years. Under the current budget, BC attracts none of that production.

    “We are now laggards. Instead of infrastructure that will be applicable in fifty years, not antiquated in five; instead of regional conversion programs to create interdependent local power grids, instead of giving British Columbians an opportunity to save money in the long run by participating in the recovery through energy conversion, this government slammed the door shut on opportunity. Key green tech manufacturing firms are seeking favourable environments that support new technology, regions that offer their residents and businesses powerful incentives to convert to efficiency. We will not see any of this direct capital investment after sending a clear message to the green sector that BC is closed for business outside of traditional fossil fuels,“ says Sterk.

    Media Contact
    Simon Lindley, Media Chair

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