This is only the beginning of a list of actions for you and everyone on Earth to take…

  • Make friends and know your neighbours
  • Make trouble, where trouble is due
  • Make eachother better
  • Transfer our allegiance to nature, absolutely
  • Learn to forgive ourselves and others for what we have done
  • Aim for Zerowaste and a Zeromile diet
  • Eat (real) food, not too much, and mostly plants
  • Compost your food waste, leaves, and clippings
  • Notice the present moment and our place in the universe
  • Reduce CO2 levels by 80% now
  • Think outside the politics-as-usual box
  • Think of that local action no one else has tried
  • Behave as if your life depended on it. Be bold!
  • Reduce the thoroughput of matter and energy in everything that we design
  • Do 100% recycling of all materials, energy and soil from organic waste
  • Take your money out of large banks and place it in a credit union
  • Get rid of all your credit cards, but one
  • Preserve all farmland and all forests and plant trees
  • Preserve wilderness, diversity, and symbiosis
  • Reduce meat consumption
  • Unionize your workplace so that you and your coworkers have a say in how your business is run
  • Prepare for dykes, and relocation of our lowlying populations
  • Get global education and literacy building
  • Change us and our corporate culture
  • Localize and build resilient communities
  • Keep your bike in working condition throughout the year
  • Eliminate cars and build public transport while your at it
  • Convert car spaces to food production and build soils
  • Take care of yourself and your family
  • Get seven hours of sleep each night and take the time to read a book a month
  • Empower women for the right to live in a safe world with equality
  • Teach our children well and grow this generation with nature
  • Be part of a natural cycle, from planting seeds to the harvest
  • Taste your home cooking all year long (Slow Food Movement)
  • Support and donate to your community organizations and foodbank
  • Prepare an emergency box for extended blackouts and food shortage
  • Garden in your home and community and buy local organic produce
  • Become a lifelong learner and stay informed with current events
  • Learn an instrument to amuse yourself and others in a time of need
  • Go beachcombing to cleanup our shores and for natural artwork
  • Connect people together, face to face
  • (send ideas to

Be Part of the Solution

Humanity according to The Earth Charter:

The Earth Charter is a declaration of interdependence that came into being through a process of consultation that involved thousands of people in 78 countries, over the course of ten years.

We are at a critical moment
  • A time when we must choose our future
  • A time to join together to bring forth a sustainable global society
  • A time to declare our responsibility to one another

“The Earth Charter challenges us to examine our values and choose a better way. It calls on us to search for common ground in the midst of our diversity and to embrace a new ethical vision.”

The Action Guidelines

  • Start with the Earth Charter. Let the Earth Charter be your basic guide when you are planning and undertaking activities to make the Earth Charter vision a reality.
  • Be a Living Example. Strive to be a living example of the spirit of the Earth Charter in your day-to-day life – at home, in the work place, and in your community.
  • Empower Yourself. Act boldly, and trust that you can make a difference as an individual and that your activities will catalyze the efforts of many others.
  • Cooperate, Cooperate. Create the power to affect change by building partnerships and collaborating with others, and seek win/win solutions.
  • Empower Others. Share power by being inclusive and providing others with opportunities to strengthen their capacities for problem solving, decision-making, and leadership, unleashing human creativity.
  • Promote Respect and Understanding. Endeavor to build relationships of mutual respect and trust among individuals and groups from diverse cultures and communities, and resolve differences through dialogue in a way that produces learning and growth.
  • Facilitate Self-Organization. Facilitate the spread of initiatives inspired by the Earth Charter without trying to control them, counting on the capacity of human groups with a clear ethical purpose to self-organize and achieve positive outcomes.
  • Focus on Root Causes. Focus thought and action on the root causes of the major problems and challenges facing humanity, and do not let the pressures of existing unsustainable systems and practices deter you from action.
  • Be Committed Yet Flexible. Be unwavering in your commitment to fundamental principles and ensure that the means adopted to achieve your goals are consistent with Earth Charter values, but always be flexible and innovative in selecting means and methods as circumstances change.
  • Be Resourceful. Do not let your thinking and acting be restricted by dependence on money; use your imagination and be resourceful in making things happen.
  • Use Technology Wisely. Be mindful that large numbers of people do not have access to advanced technology, and when constructing technological solutions to problems ensure that they are appropriate.
  • Protect the Integrity of the Charter. When presenting, quoting from, or translating the Earth Charter be faithful to the words and spirit of the original text, and link the Charter only with organizations, products and events that are consistent with its values and vision.


The following is from Paul Chefurka (3sep2008) Political Will Political Won’t

“As the following laundry list of negative trends clearly illustrates, the scale and diversity of the problems we face are significant.

These sorts of problems are known as wicked problems.  That means they are messy, circular, aggressive and interlinked, so that trying to solve one may worsen others.”

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