Michael Wolfe

29 years in Richmond – Tomsett School Community

Richmond’s Environmental Educator B.Ed. ’08

Richmond’s Conservation Biologist  B.Sc. ’06

Candidate for MP with the Green Party of Canada ’11

Candidate for MLA with the Green Party of BC ’09

Candidate for City Council with RITE ’08

Candidate for MP with the Green Party of Canada ’08

Candidate for Mayor and School Board Trustee with the Richmond Greens ’05

Candidate for MLA with the Green Party of BC ’05

Local involvement: 

  • Garden City Lands Coalition,
  • Farmland Defence League of BC,
  • Livable Region Coalition,
  • Friends of UBC Farm
  • Friends of Wild Pacific Salmon
  • Teachers for Peace and Global Education (PAGE),
  • Iona Stewardship Group,
  • CO-OP Radio 102.7FM,
  • Coast Hockey League,
  • Council of Canadians,
  • Green Party of Canada,
  • Green Party of BC,
  • Richmond Independent Team of Electors (RITE),
  • Richmond Food Secure,
  • Richmond Pesticide Awareness Coalition,
  • Richmond Nature Park Society,
  • Richmond Park Partners for Beautification,
  • Richmond School District #38,

Vote Wolfe!

Contact Wolfe! 

By email  to bogberry@gmail.com (personal)

    or wolfe@voterite.ca (politics)

Something you didn’t know about Michael?

  • He has gone swimming in all 5 Great Lakes, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
  • He went to England and Wales for a Rugby tour and visited the Stonehenge
  • He maintains gardens with fruit trees that bear: Peach, Apple, Pear, Cherry, Hazelnut, and Plum
  • He wants you to become an educational activist! Attend events and get noticed for your work.

In 100 words, why vote for Wolfe?

“Vote Wolfe if you want leadership from a lifelong product of Richmond. At 27 years I have invested election campaigns at all three levels of government and shown my continuous dedication with attendance at most of the council meetings since I ran for mayor. My longterm vision for Richmond is that we represent Canada on the international stage, as a caring community that is ready to initiate positive change for our future, the children of Richmond. As a public school teacher and local tour guide for the Garden City Lands I will empower our citizens with a vision for tomorrow.”

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