For you, the people of Richmond


My commitment to the people of Richmond has been for virtuous and selfless reasons. The Garden City Lands had deeply rooted itself as my main campaign issue. My hope for the public lands is to serve as a local source of organic produce, an education center and as the provider of ecosystem services, for our health and the stability of global climate change.  The current level of underdevelopment that our city council has been approving has gone on for too long. The endangered resident wildlife and migratory species have had their essential habitat bulldozed from underneath and sprinkled with cosmetic pesticides that we have been allowed to emit from above. The airport and riverport expansions are unacceptable and areas like the Lafarge cement plant should be taxed much higher to we can shift lower taxes to properties in the ALR and those that enhance our environment. It is time for Richmond to have a courageous leader who has connections with people, not corporate profit. I have been in Richmond for my whole life and I am committed to my community members. A vote for Wolfe will bring forth the visionary leadership that will steer our city council through transparent processes of publicly supported initiatives. 

My personal email is, and I am available for leading tours of the Garden City Lands. Thanks for visiting my space, please contribute your thoughts, ideas, and votes.

Michael Wolfe


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